Avis Beasley

But for some, like Chrystie Beasley, come back & give back.


 -Hilary Holladay (Orange County Review)

Some people move away from their hometowns and never come back.

Others come back for visits.

Avis Beasley (picture above) understood the incredible importance of being represented and included. Avis ran for town council in Gordonsville, Virginia, which she successfully won while raising her two children as a single mother.

Inspired by her late mother's ambition and legacy, her own desire to give back to her hometown, and her longing for a unified community: Chrystie, established the outreach group. 


Our Goals

  • Develop various outreach programs for youth and adults.

  • Create a safe recreational space for all members of the community.

  • Provide education concerning different aspects of finances, mental health, & wellness.

  • Group and individual mentoring programs.

  • Develop partnerships with local and national organizations to provide opportunities for youth.


Our Mission

We will provide educational, emotional, and mental support, while also providing programs and facilities to meet the diverse needs of all citizens in the community. 

We seek to create a welcoming environment for the entire community that houses several outlets of expression for all ages with an emphasis on children to help enhance their future.